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Udyan Tea Kadak Masala Chai 40 cups at Rs.249

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Udyan Tea Coupons

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  • SHAHI KESAR CHAI - Rs. 1,100

About Udyan Tea

Tea is India’s most beloved beverage. For some people, it is not even morning until they have their first cup of tea. However, the tea we drink in India seems too mundane, we are the second largest producer of tea after all. We have varieties of tea but they never completely reach the market because they brew the best in the mountains. But Udyan tea offers you every flavour of tea leaves you want; plucked from seven biggest tea leaves producing states of India with Assam and Darjeeling being the showrunners. Udyan tea offers tea leaves on the bases of type, region and season. And if you want tea accessories then Udyaan Tea offers that to you too.

Why use Udyan Tea?

For every Chai lover around the world, Udyan Tea is the perfect site to quench their thirst. The website is designed in the most simplified way possible -You just have to have a clear mind about what you want. Udyan Tea is based out of Darjeeling, the second most popular homeland of Tea - after Assam. They bring to you the flavour of Darjeeling, and 6 other states, from the choicest of tea gardens on that land. Plus, there are no intermediaries between Udyan tea and the customer. You will be delivered with the authentic tea especially handpicked for you.

1. Tea by type

You will be able to get any type of tea you want and experience a new taste. Udyan Tea offers you 26 types of black tea, 18 types of green tea, 24 types of flavoured tea, 2 types of white tea, 8 types of Chai (CTC) and a single type of oolong tea. So, here you have 79 flavours of tea to choose from. Incredible, right? There are occasional Udyan tea coupons surfaced by Udyan on the website, which can be used to get various discounts on your favourite type of tea.

2. Tea by region

Every state has its own speciality and uniqueness about it and Tea is something that varies from state to state. Udyan Tea offers you tea from Darjeeling and Assam -the forerunners in the field of tea. Udyan Tea has not limited itself to just these two states; Udyan Tea provides you tea from Kangra, Nepal, Nilgiri, North-east and Sikkim. You can taste the flavours of seven states just by sitting comfortably at home. A cup of tea and pure relaxation, what all do we need to calm our minds?

3. Tea by season

Now, this is something unique, tea according to the season? Never heard of it, right? but Udyan tea offers you that. They have three categories spring, summer and autumn; every category has minimum 5 teas to choose from. Isn’t it new to think that you can have the sip of seasons in your tea and explore the tea which rules that season? Seems great. Apart from this, with the beginning of every new season Udyan tea offers various Udyan Tea coupons which can be used to save some money.

4. Accessories, Gifts & Assortments

Udyan Tea offers various tea brewing and other accessories like cups, teapot, mugs and jars. Not only that, if you want to gift a tea lover something from the wide range of products that Udyan tea offers then you can easily do that. In fact, you can send samples to them and they can decide which one is they liked the best and you can give them that variant.

5. Subscription

That is another unique thing about Udyan Tea. They give you subscriptions. All you need to do is, put in the tea you like: White, black, etc. and then how you like it: Light, mild or strong and choose the plan: tea admirer plan, tea lover plan and tea connoisseur plan. The rates vary accordingly. There are Udyan Tea Coupons that you can use during subscription and these will obviously be very helpful in providing you with necessary discounts on your subscriptions.