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Varanga Offers  Online - An All Women Fashion Store

Varanga aims at bringing this whole wide world a little closer to each other. Varanga has begun this revolution in India itself and that is being done by bringing incredible designs that are the birth child of the creativity of highly skilled craftsmen and artisans from all over India. These designs seem to be a bit unconventional yet they effortlessly add to the unique style statement plus they are funneled to a single domain -Varanga- and sold at reasonable prices and delivered at an exceptional value to their wide customer base. Other than that, Varanga is known to surprise its user base with occasional Varanga Offers and Varanga Coupons which can be used to get a discount on your purchase. The Varanga promo codes that you might be needing to access the Varanga coupons will also be provided to you!

The Specialities About Shopping From Varanga Coupons

Below are the reasons why you should opt for Varanga when shopping for yourself or your friend. Even men, who would like to gift their wives some dresses and other things they will be able to find here a wide range of products too.

Varanga Offers & Varanga Coupons

Now, Varanga has certain Varanga Offers & Varanga Coupons that run on their products which can help you buy them at reasonable prices and they are applicable to a majority of the categories.

The Various Categories On Varanga

Top Wear -Varanga Offers maximum up to 73% discount on Top Wear

Kurtas -Varanga Offers maximum up to 73% off on Kurtas

Whenever we go looking for a kurta wide variety of them are hardly found and whenever we do the size disappoints us, but if do your kurta shopping at Varanga you are going to find not only a wide range of kurtas to choose such as long sleeve, ¾ sleeve, half sleeve, sleeveless, and short sleeve but also, you will be able to buy them in different sizes such as Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), eXtra Large (XL) and even Double eXtra Large (XXL). Just choose the style, the color, and the size, and you have your perfect kurta!

Dresses -Varanga Offers maximum up to 70% off on Dresses

For those women who look for a perfect dress then Varanga has what you need in store to provide you with. There are over 10 designs in dresses and they are available in a majority of the desired sizes and colors. You can opt for what seems to be the best to you and buy it.

Dupatta -Varanga Offers maximum up to 67% discount on Dupatta

A designer dupatta over a solid kurta or a suit really adds to the overall look and even change the appearance of the women who are wearing it and that is one great thing about the subtle nature of dupatta. At Varanga you are going to find a wide variety of dupattas to choose from and each one of them has a different design. Also, Varanga sells them at a very reasonable price.

Bottom Wear - Varanga Offers maximum up to 73% discount on Bottom Wear

Palazzos -Varanga Offers maximum up to 73% off on Palazzos

Palazzos are comparatively the most comfortable thing for a woman to wear during summer time. It keeps your body cool and does not allow your body to sweat. At Varanga you are going to find more than 30 different shades and designs of palazzos which are available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL. You can even choose the fabric; you have palazzos made from Cambric, Cotton, Rayon, and Shantoon. Also, you do not have to worry about the price too because not only does Varanga sell these palazzos at reasonable prices but also, it has one of the Varanga offers running on this category that will get you maximum up to 73% off on palazzos.

Pants -Varanga Offers maximum up to 70% off on Pants

As for now, you will not be able to find much of the Varanga branded products under this category. Although you might be able to find certain pants made from cotton and are available in S, M, L, and XL and have either the solid colors or are printed.

Skirts -Varanga Offers maximum up to 60% off on Skirts

You have more options to choose from than pants in this category of skirts. You have various colors and sizes from Small to Double eXtra Large. Apart from that, you can buy these skirts at reasonable prices.

Co-ordinates -Varanga Offers maximum up to 70% discount on Co-ordinates

You can buy various co-ordinates at Varanga. You can buy sets of Kurta with Palazzo, Pant, and Skirt. You can buy any set that seems to be the best to you and you can save a lot of money because there also runs a Varanga offers on it that will make you able to buy any of these sets at the maximum discount of up to 70%.

Kurta Palazzo Set - Varanga Offers maximum up to 70% off on Kurta Palazzo Set

Kurta Pant Set - Varanga Offers maximum up to 70% off on Kurta Pant Set

Kurta Skirt Set - Varanga Offers maximum up to 70% off on Kurta Skirt Set

Varanga Promo Codes

When you will visit the website you will be provided with Varanga promo codes that can easily get you up to Rs. 500 off on your purchase. So, you can use all those Varanga offers and even after that you will be able to earn a discount of Rs. 500.

New Arrival

This category is here to provide you with a long list of the latest fashion trends being accepted all over the world. You will find here all the new apparels that have been launched under the Varanga brand. You can look at them and buy the apparel you like from there without wasting any of your time.


This is something that occasionally happens on the official Varanga website. You will be able to buy them at huge discounts and all of this will help you save some extra bucks.

Varanga End Of Season Sale -Varanga Offers maximum up to flat 60% Off and even more!

In this sale, you are not only going to get just 60% off, there might be even 70% or 71% off. But the products under this category will surely have 60% off.

Under 999 Store

As the name itself suggests, under this category you are going to find products which can be bought for less than a thousand bucks. So if they are available at such a price then it does not mean that you will be delivered with a defective piece or a weakly sewn product, NO! You will be delivered with a proper Varanga branded product.


If you decide to put in your email ID and wish to subscribe to the newsletter of Varanga, then you can do that easily. The best part about subscribing is that you will be informed about the new arrivals, you will be informed about the fashion trends and lastly, you will also be informed about the up and running Varanga offers and Varanga coupons.

Shipping Policy

For all orders above Rs. 1599, the delivery is free including the shipping charges and if the order is below Rs. 1599 then you do not have to give such a high amount for getting this product home delivered. You will only have to pay Rs. 100 extra and that is it.

Return Policy

There are times when the delivered product is somehow defective or even if it is not, it does not fit you properly or is delivered in the wrong color shade. So, keeping that in mind Varanga provides its user with the choice to return their product within 10 days of receiving it. You can either file for a replacement or a refund. The replacement will take around 4 working days and the refund will be initiated within 2 to 3 working days and will be reflected in your account in 7 to 10 days.

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