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About Vaya tiffin boxes

It is true that there is no better food in the world than what our mothers make. We have always been fond of that food. And during the lunchtime, after a tiring morning, we need to regain the lost strength and what is better than to consume some quality food, right? But when we open our tiffins the food is no more hot, let alone being warm; and the microwave does not help in making the vegetable and the chapati feel fresh. Sometimes, the gravy also leaks and gives out a pungent smell. Other than this, the tiffin feels heavy and short of space. If you use Vaya tiffins, you will be relieved of all of these problems because Vaya offers such good quality tiffin boxes that you will find a solution to all of your lunch box issues.
Vaya offers tiffin boxes, for children as well as adults, that not only keep the food warm but also prevent the leaking of the gravy. Along with this, Vaya offers lighter tiffin boxes with extra space and variety of colours. There are times when Vaya offers occasional Vaya coupons which can be used by the customers to avail extra benefits.

Vaya Coupons, Offers & Deals 2018

CategoryVaya Offers
Vaya Tyffyn - Lunchbox

Starting @ Rs.1890

Tyffyn Accessories

Starting From Rs.690

Tyffyn 600Rs. 2390
Vaya Tyffyn Containers

Starting @ Rs. 690

Why go for Vaya tiffin?

Vaya has been in the tiffin business for a while now. They aim at bringing a uniqueness to this section of the market. They have proven it with their wide range of tiffins that: whatever seems to be the most boring can, with a twist of innovation and creativity, be made interesting and good. Vaya offers a variety of tiffins and services such as:

1. Pack your lunch with innovation
There is a not much or science behind why food in the Vaya tiffin boxes does not get cold? and why does it not leak? Vaya offers ‘leakproof double shot lids’ to prevent the gravy leaking down the container; The ‘VacuTherm insulating technology’ this prevents the heat from going out and keep the food hot and cold for 5 to 6 hours; There are high-quality copper finished stainless steel containers, stainless steel latches and stainless steel outer (oval) body -this is why the Vaya tiffin box seems light to carry. The containers are long and oval eventually providing you with more space to put your food in. There are partition containers too, which can be bought separately,  these provide you with extra space in your tiffin box.

2. Tyffyn 1000, Tyffyn 600 & Bag mat and Vaya coupons
You can buy Tiffin boxes with 1000 ml quantity and even 600 ml quantity. The 1000 ml are for adults and the 600 ml are for kids - although they can be used according to the needs. There are bag mats too, these can be used as a bag to enclose the tiffin and carry it; you can also use the bag as a mat to put the food on to eat. These are available at discounted rates on the official website but you can save yourself some money if you use the proper Vaya coupons. Who knows you might save enough for another Vaya tiffin box?

3. Customizable
How would you feel like you can make your tiffin look anything like you want it to be? Happy, we know. Now, this is one of the unique things that Vaya offers. You can change the skin of your Vaya tiffin boxes’ shell. You can even print a company name or your name on the stainless latches of the phone. So, if you want to change the outer skin of your tiffin then you can easily do so and make it look way more interesting than before.

4. Variants and colours
There are a variety of tiffin boxes that Vaya offers both in the 600 ml and 1000 ml category. The variants include maple, wool, cheetah, black, gold and lot more. However, if you shop in the 600 ml category you will be able to find two extra variants for kids (one for girls and another for boys). The bag mat has a lot of colours to choose from too, the most popular being black, blue, brown etc.

5. Global Reach
Vaya has recently ventured into the global delivery market and now delivers its Vaya Tyffyn boxes in over 10 countries worldwide, such as India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, US and a lot more. Vaya tyffyn are growing every day and is ready to set a new benchmark in the world of tiffin boxes.

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