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VelvetCase Coupons, Offers & Promocodes

CategoryVelvetcase Offers
Orders over Rs 9,000Flat Rs 1500 Off
Orders over Rs 5,000Flat Rs 1,000 Off
Swarovski JewelleryStarting at Rs 2379
Gold JhumkisStarting at Rs 10,911
Jewel One JewelleryStarting at Rs 4,263

VelvetCase Online Jewellery Store In India

Velvet Case is an online marketplace that focuses on providing people who love to express themselves with attractive jewelry, with quality products like Velvet Case earrings, Velvet Case rings, and numerous other. There are numerous designs to choose from, you can buy from here modern ones, contemporary ones, or the typical classic designs. You can even shop for ready to wear design collection. Well, sometimes people wish to sport a design that suits their overall appearance better. So, yes if you wish to, you can customize jewelry according to your taste. The price of the products are set at a comparatively reasonable price and with the help of the Velvet Case Offer and Velvet Case coupons including the Velvet Case promo code and Velvet Case discount code, you will be able to save with a lot of discounts.

The Specialties Of Shopping From VelvetCase.com

VelvetCase Offers - The Absolute Best Price Guarantee

VelvetCase.com provides the audience with a reasonable price for all of their authentic products. In fact, Velvet Case assures to provide you with just the best price for their attractive pieces of jewelry.

Velvet Case - 100% Certified by International Labs

Some people might think that the pieces of jewelry aren’t authentic or they are a bit confused about it, then you need not worry about it even for a second. Velvet Case assures you that the products are the way they have been described and are 100% certified by International Labs. So, yes, if you are purchasing a piece of jewelry from Velvet Case then it is just perfect and authentic.

Velvet Case - Secure & Flexible Payment Options

Payment is a crucial stage because one little mistake there might come issues during the whole process. Velvet Case provides you with a wide range of payment options for EMI’s too and all of them are protected under layers and layers of SSL security. This is done to provide you with a worry free shopping experience.

Velvet Case - 400+ Trusted Brands with Customizations

Velvet Case is considered to be one of India’s largest platform for jewelry shopping. There are more than 300 brands to from and it has a reach to around 25 cities. There are over thousands of products offered from these 300 brands and if you have gone through each and every one of them but you are still not satisfied then Velvet Case is all ready to create a custom piece of jewelry especially for you.

Velvet Case - Easy Returns & Lifetime Buy Back

It is a relatable thing that sometimes what we order online and what we are delivered there are visible differences in the delivered products. And that compels us to file or return or replacement. Well, people in Velvet Case are familiar with this situation that is why they prefer to give you an option for easy returns within 7 days and buy back after 12 months. But this has rarely happened with Velvet Case because they do their best in providing you with just the authentic product that looks the same as it appears you to be on the internet.

Velvet Case - Free Home Trials

Velvet Case has just made it easier, you can book for free home trials so that you can see for yourself if the product you like appears and feels to be the way you expected it to be. You can book for home trials (if you fall in the desired cities where these services are being offered) and try your chosen jewelry with the comfort of your home. Cheers to convenience, right?

Velvet Case Online Jewellery

Velvet case offers you a variety of categories all serving their respective purpose, you are going to find Velvet Case rings, Velvet Case earrings, Velvet Case pendants and what not. There are pieces of jewelry available for kids and men too, and if you are going to get married soon then you have a separate bridal one to serve your purpose. You have got the precious diamond, gold, silver that can be bought ready made or are forged to serve your needs.

Velvet Case Coupons

There are several types of  Velvet Case coupons available to you but they can only be used by those who have the desired Velvet case coupon code, Velvet Case discount code, and Velvet Case promo code which can allow you to access the benefits and discounts provided by the Velvet case coupons.

Velvet Case Offer

The Velvet Case offer can be used for free and the benefits of them are applicable to everyone. There is a Velvet case offer that gives you a maximum up to 25% off on diamond and uncut jewelry.

There is one more Velvet Case offer and that gives you up to Rs. 5000 discount as a special welcome gift when you register for the first time.

Plus, there is yet another one of the Velvet Case offers that allows you to zero cost EMI on 22 karat gold, diamonds, and more.

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