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About Yaantra

Yaantra was launched in the year 2013. In 4 years, it has now become a one-stop solution for every major problem that your smartphone or your tablet is exposed to. Apart from this Yaantra offers protection to your gadgets and also provides you with best quality refurbished and pre-owned devices. Yaantra has around 120,000 satisfied customers and has repaired 60,000 damaged smartphones, 80,000 broken screens and 65,000 water damaged gadgets.

Yaantra Coupons, Offers & Promocodes

Yaantra OffersCategory
Flat Rs 1000 OffRefurbished Mobiles
Buy at Rs 9599Motorola G5s Plus
Get 1 month warrantyMobile Repairing

Why use Yaantra?

There might always have been a situation where your phone has stopped working or is damaged in any way, and you are confused about whether you should go to the service centre, or get it fixed from a nearby repair shop. The service centre will charge you more (if not under warranty) and nearby repair shop are not that trusted. Now, Yaantra offers you the surety that your device will be in good hands and will be treated for its problem in 48 hours. Other than this, here’s all that Yaantra provides to its users:

1. All Brand Support

Yaantra Offers support on over 10 most popular smartphones and tablets building brands in the industry; from Apple to ASUS and from Motorola to Micromax, Yaantra offers you support for all.

2. Fix Issues Like

It does not matter what problem your smartphone has encountered, be it Bricked Smartphone, Damaged Smartphone, Water Damaged Smartphone, Software Issues or the most popular: broken screen, Yaantra Offers support for all.

3. Certified and Experienced Engineers

You do not have to be concerned about the phone in any way because they will be in good hands. The engineers Yaantra provides to resolve your phone issues are certified and experienced.

4. Fast, Secure and Reliable Service

Other than being a secure platform to get a solution for all of your smartphone problems, Yaantra Offers fast services too. Within 48 hours your phone will be repaired and you do not have to use any sort of Yaantra Coupons or Yantra Promo Codes to boost up the process.

5. Pickup and Delivery

To submit your phone for repair you do not have to go anywhere. All you have to do is sit in your chair and book for the pickup and you will be delivered back the phone with the same easiness. Yaantra offers you various options to make the payments too, you can either pay the money at the time of the delivery or you can pay by card or in any other digital payment method. And to make you feel a lot better, both the pickup and the delivery is FREE.

6. Warranty

If you think that there might be problems when the phone is delivered to you then you need not worry because Yaantra offers its users 1-month warranty for their repaired product.

7. Sell Your Phone at Yaantra

This is the newest feature of Yaantra. Now, Yaantra offers its users to even sell their old smartphones on their site. All you need to do is fill a simple form with all the necessary information and then click proceed. Then, you will be shown the amount at which the phone can be sold. You can later sell your phone at Yaantra at the same quoted price.

Yaantra Coupons & Yaantra Promo Codes

There are various Yaantra coupons and Yaantra promo codes that you can use to get a relaxation on the total bill amount, which you will be charged for the repair. Some of the Yaantra Coupons and Yaantra Promo Codes will gain you some gifts and even Rs. 200 cashback on payments made through Paytm.

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