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About Yardley

We all like to smell good because that is the one thing that attracts people and sparks a conversation. And if we do not smell good, we might repel the people around us. If you want to smell good then, what is better than to buy a perfume from a brand that has a centuries’ old history and a fame of serving the English kings and Queens. This perfume brand is none other than Yardley, founded by William Yardley, in the year 1770. Yardley offers the essence of the English Lavender as the main ingredient of their products but with changing time these products’ variants increased in terms of the provided fragrance. Yardley does not usually offer regular Yardley coupons but when they do they are literally worth using.

Yardley Coupons, Offers & Deals 2018

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Orders over Rs 999Flat 25% OffJune 30 2018
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Why go for Yardley and What Yardley offers?

It has to be mentioned yet again that this brand, Yardley, served the Kings and Queens, the Royalties, So you have got the favourite fragrances of the English Royals. Yardley offers not only the perfumes and deodorants, it offers moisturisers, talcs, and soaps too. There are various categories that you are going to find on the official Yardley website.

1. The “Fragrances for her” category and Yardley Coupons

As the name itself suggests, in this category, you are going to find the best fragrances for women. Yardley offers you with the choicest of every single personal care product by Yardley. You will find here various sets too, the same fragrance of the perfume will be in the soap, talc, moisturisers, body sprays and Eau De Toilette. You can use Yardley coupons to get a discount on your purchase plus there is one of the Yardley offers that is online. In this Yardley offers, if your purchase is over Rs. 450, you will get an extra discount of 30%, plus you will get free shipping and on top of that, the shipping will be done within 24 hours. It is fast, you do not have to spend much and you are getting the fragrance of the city of London. Exciting.

2. The “Fragrance for him” category and Yardley coupons

If there is a ‘fragrance for her’ category then it would be impartial for Yardley to not have a ‘Fragrance for him’ category, but they do have it. In this category, though, you are going to find only Eau De Toilette, Talc, Body Spray and aftershave. There are not one of the other things like moisturisers or soaps. But this category does have the Yardley coupons and Yardley offers. In this category too, if you purchase various products and land a bill amount which is above Rs, 450 then you can get a 30% discount along with a within 24 hours free shipping. Reasonable discounts for both men and women.

3. The unique “find my fragrance” category

This category surely is a unique one. We know that we cannot smell the fragrance digitally, in any way. We can assume though, with the ingredients used to make that essence, our fragrance. Yardley offers this simplified way of finding a suitable fragrance for yourself. All you need to do is answer 9 simple questions about your lifestyle and choose your gender that is it. After that Yardley will provide you with the most suitable fragrance that suits you depending on your answers to those 9 question. Surely, this is unique and amazing.

4. Gift Shop

There is this gift shop too, on the website, in which Yardley offers you various gift packages that you can gift your friends and family. There are products for both men as well as women. Sorted enough, right?

Yardley Coupons

There are occasional Yardley coupons provided by the same company at the time of various festivals and special days. These Yardley Coupons can easily be used to get discount on your favourite fragrance. You are well aware of the live Yardley Offers though, in which you can get free shipping and instant shipping within 24 hours plus a 30% discount. All you have to do for it is to make a purchase of over Rs. 450 and that is it. Feasible enough.

Yardley Coupons and Yardley Offers via GoPaisa

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