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9stacks Promo Codes, Coupon & Deposit Bonus

9stacks Deposit9stacks Deposit Bonus
Deposit Rs. 500 on 9stacksGet Rs. 100 free Bonus
Deposit Rs. 2,000 on 9stacksGet Rs. 500 free Bonus
Deposit Rs. 5,000 on 9stacksGet Rs. 1,500 free Bonus
Deposit Rs. 10,000 on 9stacksGet Rs. 3,000 free Bonus 

9stacks - India's Safest Website to Play Poker

9stacks is an Online skill-based gaming startup. "Our vision is to make 9stacks India's best online poker platform" said Sudhir Kamath, CEO and co-founder, 9stacks. 9stacks currently offers online real-money poker to customers in 24 Indian states, who can access its modern and secure poker platform on 9stacks, and on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows native apps. The company is also significantly investing in producing its own poker-specific content to help users develop their poker skills and connect with other poker players.

There are a lot of poker enthusiasts who like to play poker whenever they get some free time to spare. For some people, poker might seem to be an illegal game but 9Stacks clears the doubt that it is not. Poker is a game of skills that don’t rely on chances but on the skill set that the player possesses. If you have that unbound love for poker but players who know the rules of it are hard to locate then visit 9Stacks and there will be a table available for you to play poker with other poker lovers from all over India. The main reason why 9Stacks is considered to be the best online poker playing website in India is because of the user friendly user interface, transparent financial systems, and what-you-see-is-what-you-get promotions. Along with this, 9Stacks is known to provide its huge user base with free access to 9Stacks promo codes to the numerous lucrative 9Stacks offers and 9Stacks coupons.

9stacks Offers

9Stacks Offers Fastest Withdrawals

At 9Stacks if you win any amount of money you do not have to wait for 24 hours or days to get the money you have won which is also what you truly deserve. There is a guarantee that 9Stacks offers to all of its users  the comfortability to withdraw the amount they have won all because of their skills, in no less than 2 hours. 9Stacks - India's safest website to play Poker and make fastest withdrawls.

9Stacks Bonus Code & Promo Codes

Now, this one seems to be the most exciting one on the website and that is also the thing that everyone is looking for. 9Stacks offers its users with free access to 9Stacks promo codes of the numerous 9Stacks coupons. These 9Stacks coupons will come in handy to you whenever you decide to make a deposit and become a new member of the 9Stacks family.?

  • Get Rs. 100 free bonus on deposit of Rs. 500 on 9Stacks
  • Get Rs. 500 free bonus on deposit of Rs. 2,000 on 9Stacks
  • Get Rs. 2,000 free bonus on deposit of Rs. 10,000 on 9Stacks
  • Get Rs. 5,000 free bonus on deposit of Rs. 25,000 on 9Stacks
  • Get Rs. 10,00 free bonus on deposit of Rs. 50,000 on 9Stacks

Other 9stacks Offers

  • Get free entry worth Rs. 1,650 to the Sunday Stacks (1 Lac jackpot) - Just deposit Rs. 5,000 and use the openly provided unique 9Stacks promo codes.
  • Get free entry worth Rs. 1,100 to the Daily StackUp (Rs. 30,000 jackpot) - Just deposit Rs. 4,000 and use the openly provided unique 9Stacks promo codes.
  • Get Rs. 100 bonus for free after doing your KYC verifications.

9stacks LeaderBoard Monthly Stacker

Win prizes worth a whopping 10 Lakh!

Monthly Stacker RankWinning Amount (Prizes)
1st RankRs 4,00,000
2nd RankRs 3,00,000
3rd RaksRs 2,00,000
Ranks 4-10Rs 10,000 each

9stacks LeaderBoard Weekly Stacker

Race to the top 100 on the Weekly Stacker Leaderboard on 9stacks and win prizes worth Rs 1.5 Lakh every week ! 

All prizes will be credited within 2 working days

Weekly Staker RankPrizes
1st- 25th StackersRs. 2000 each
26th-50th StackersRs 1500 each
51st-75th StackersRs 1000 each
76th-100th StackersRs 750 each
101-150th StackersRs 500 each

9stacks New Depositors Freeroll Tournament

  • GTD : Rs 10,000
  • Entry : Special Free Ticket on very first deposit only
  • Rebuys : Rs 99(90+9)/Unlimited
  • Sundays @ 9:30 PM

9stacks Monthly Depositors Freeroll Tournament

  • GTD : Rs 50,000
  • Entry : Free Ticket
  • Rebuys : Rs 220/Unlimited
  • Date : 7th of every month
  • Time : 9:30 PM

9Stacks Loyalty Program

The 9Stacks team have designed a genuinely beneficial program called “Stack Up” for their trustable users. You can earn certain stack up points while you play your game and then you will be offered with a chance to even convert these stack up points into chips and add them to your poker balance, buy entry tickets for participating the held tournaments, and even use them to buy some exclusive poker merchandise.

9Stacks Easiest Interface & Seamless gaming Experience

The 9Stacks’ software interface is considered to be the simplest of all of the online poker playing platforms in India. It is easily understandable and does not lag and it can even withstand slow connections. You can download the software for your mobile, tablets, desktops and macs, which run on all three of the operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows. For those, who would not like to download the software they can access the website and play their game with the instant play tag which can be accessed from a majority of the new age web browsers.

9Stacks Private Tables

If you wish to play only with your friends and would not like any unknown person to be a part of your private game then you can create your own private table because 9Stacks offers you this amazing feature. No other person will be able to enter your private table because he might be needing a password to do that. You can provide the password to your friends and use it so that they can enter that private table.

9Stacks New Player Heaven

If you are entering 9Stacks for the first time or, in fact, if you trying to play the poker game for the first time, 9Stacks will give you the benefit of the doubt. 9Stacks will allow you to first learn the poker game and then allow you to be a part of the newbie tables where you sit with other novices in the field of playing poker and the experienced players will be discouraged.

9Stacks - 100% Legal and Safe Platform

9Stacks abides by all the rules presented in the Indian lawbook. 9Stacks is not an illegal platform to play poker on, it is a 100% legal one. It promotes poker as a game of skills rather than a game of chance. Plus, every payment and withdrawals are done through bank accounts.

    9stacks Funding

    9stacks raises Rs. 10 cr funding towards the product, workforce expansion - Virtual skill-based gaming startup 9stacks on 19th Dec 2017 announced the close of more than Rs. 10 crore in angel funding.

    9stacks Daily StackUp Tournament 

    • Daily StackUp Tournament is a No Limit Hold’em tournament that happens 7 days a week at 8:30 PM on 9stacks.

    • The starting stack will have 15000 chips. 
    • Rebuys and Late registrations allowed up till 54 minutes.
    • Buy In is Rs 1100 (1000+100)

    9stacks Participate in the Daily Freeze

    • Participate in the Daily Freeze-Out poker tournament at 10:30 PM every night and stand to win Rs 15000!

    • Buy In: Rs 550 (500+50)
    • Late Registration uptill 1 hr

    9stacks Rs 100 Bonus Chips on KYC Updatation

    All users who complete their KYC (name / email / PAN card) on 9stacks get 100 chips in their poker balance (equivalent to 100 rupees) absolutely free! No promo code needs to be entered to avail this bonus.

    9stacks Poker Sunday Tournament Offer

    Participate in the Sunday Stacks poker tournament every Sunday at 3 PM and stand a chance to win Rs 1,00,000 GTD!

    9stacks Free Entry Offer worth Rs 1100

    Each time you deposit Rs 4000 on 9stacks using the code STACKUP4K, you get an entry ticket worth Rs 1100 to the Daily StackUp (30K GTD) poker tournament which takes place at 8:30PM every night, on 9stacks.

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    9stacks Twitter Account - https://twitter.com/9stacksGaming