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We all love listening to music. It soothes, motivates, entertains us, and what not? The market is cluttered with various sound equipments, sound bars, speakers, earphones, headphones, etc. Well, that’s really enough but what’s difficult is to choose a good pair of earphones when you just love to enjoy music all on your own and don’t like sharing. We like plugging in our earphones and enjoy our favourite songs, hum them or even dance to the tunes in offices, classes, canteens, or even in washrooms, try not to dirty yourself doing so. To enjoy seamless music experience, one needs to have a pair of truly wireless earphones, and many companies do offer a good pair but what’s better than the “fruit” we love to taste.

Apple took the wireless gadget phenomena by storm in 2017 with its removal of headphone jack from iPhone 7 and the launch of wireless earbuds Apple AirPods. It was a bold step by the California based smartphone giant, almost a radical decision to push for the next wave in smart wearables. And it wasn’t a misstep as we already have seen; headphone manufacturing companies like Bose, Sennheiser, Jabra, and Sony have come up with more innovative wireless headsets since then and the market is soon getting crowded and competitive.

Apple must dish out something more, perhaps an outstanding product in this segment to stand out. The rumour is Apple isn’t sitting idle, it’s been busy. Apple has been betting big on wireless gadgets and according to Bloomberg, Apple is working on designing the successor of Apple AirPods. In a news published by Bloomberg, an insider in Apple disclosed about Apple’s ongoing mission in delivering a more efficient and smart Apple AirPods 2 for the masses, which will come with a next-gen wireless chip.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple is working on two kinds of different AirPods, the one will release in 2018 and the other next year. Supporting this news is also the prediction by famous Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, where he expects upgraded AirPods to launch in 2018. Since there is no official indication from Apple itself, all these predictions should be taken with a grain of salt.

Kuo has always been rather accurate in his predictions of Apple products, as he keeps a close eye on Apple’s supply chain in Asia. Apple is working with Luxshare to develop the upgraded AirPods but there is an impediment in creating RF-printed circuit boards for AirPods batteries. While the new AirPods will be continued to be compiled by Taiwanese manufacturer Inventec, the different elements of the AirPods will be provided by Compeq, Unitech, TXC and HLJ.

What’s new in AirPods 2?

Better wireless connectivity, waterproofing, fitness tracking, better ambient sound handling, wireless charging and Siri using will be some of the improved features of AirPods 2.

The AirPods 2 will be embedded with W2 chip, the one used in Apple Watch 3, which will enhance Bluetooth connectivity of the earbuds. The upgraded pods will also have better Siri compatibility, meaning you will able to summon your personal assistant just by saying ‘Hey Siri’; it will be a complete voice activation experience in AirPods 2.

The waterproofing will be more of splash resistant unlike Apple Watch which can be submerged in water. You still won’t be able to take the AirPods down in a pool for a swimming session.

Apple has been working hard on integrating the fitness tracking element into AirPods 2. It has already filed two patents and is onto designing something like the Jabra Elite Wireless. Other than heart rate sensing the AirPods 2 is expected to measure stroke volume, which dovetailed with your heart rate will track your cardiac output. This implies that the AirPods 2 will give you a clearer impression about your heart fitness.

Ambient sound handling is an important aspect of wireless headphones these days and Apple is making sure you get the best results from AirPods 2. Apple has taken a patent on an improved sound cancellation system which not only reduces outside noise but also regulates the air wave within your ears. The latter if works will be able to reduce the strange reverberation we often experience hitting our ears when wearing earbuds for long time. The earbuds will have microphone filter which will make audio quality niftier though making you aware about your surroundings.

What would we like to see in AirPods 2?

Apple is rather less adventurous when it comes to colours and we would definitely love to see the AirPods 2 in quirky colours other than white. And changeable rubber ear-tips is very much in demand these days and almost all headphone brands are providing them. Apple can take a cue from this and hear out for us.

Also, it would be a delight to see AirPods 2 getting paired as smooth and perfectly with Android phones, just like iPhones.


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