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When you want to buy something desirable but are on a tight budget, and have to settle for something less worthy of your wishes, you just need a ray of hope to get you going. However, this ray of hope has to be seen with a naked eye so that you could grab on to what it is pointing at. A new light has risen from the clouds to guide you and save you bucks when you need to really get your hands on the product of your choice. Here is the time when you have to move on from the past, and see what’s in front of you. Yes, your favourite shopping portal, Flipkart, has launched its very own platform for refurbished goods, after shutting down eBay in India on August 14 this year.

Flipkart is a bit on a roll. It was last month, not a very long time ago, Flipkart ended its relationship with eBay and joined hands with Walmart with the promise of opening its own platform for refurbished goods. Well, it is here, and it is called 2GUD. At present it is a mobile site and Flipkart is yet to introduce a full-fledged desktop version. For now, you can browse 2GUD through your mobile phones and shop for refurbished items.

2GUD is mostly offering smartphones, tablets, laptops and electronic accessories. It plans to add large and heavy appliances soon. Depending on the level of certification, prices of goods will be 50%-80% off from retail price.

Last month Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy let his employees know of Flipkart’s plan in refurbished goods market in India. Flipkart intended to tap into the largely unorganized and vast secondhand goods market and employ its strategies and expertise gathered from operating eBay in India.

Flipkart has absorbed some of eBay India employees within its 2GUD team. The refurbished sellers on 2GUD are either using F1 Solutions, a Flipkart company, or third-party services. 2GUD also offers a warranty on second-hand goods of around 3 to 12 months, depending on the product you purchase. Flipkart is also developing an app version for Android platforms and a desktop version.

Zefo is another refurbished goods website in India which sells goods like furniture and appliances. Zefo now gets a big-name contender like Flipkart on the same race.


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