WhatsApp Introduces Group Voice, Video Calls


After much anticipation WhatsApp finally added the new feature to allow users to make group voice and video calls through the application. The announcement came through WhatsApp Blog on July 30, 2018, where the messaging app company declared its new feature available right now through a new upgrade.

WhatsApp added its voice and video calls just three years ago and the feature became an immediate hit with app users. According to WhatsApp, its ‘users spent 3 billion minutes on calls per day’ globally after the feature was introduced.

WhatsApp outlined a fairly simple way to initiate a group voice or video call in its blog. WhatsApp users can make a group voice and video call ‘anytime and anywhere’. In order to initiate a group interaction, one must start with a one-on-one video or voice call and then in order to add in more people, you have to tap the new “add participant” button on the top right corner.

WhatsApp vouches for end-to-end encryption in this new feature, ensuring your calls are protected and privacy maintained. The messaging app has been ‘designed calling to work reliably around the world in different network conditions.’ The feature is rolled out both in iOS and Android phones at the moment.

For a long time, since early 2014 WhatsApp partnered with crypto experts Open WhisperSystems to bring thorough encryption system of all its messages. Open WhisperSystems is a pioneer in end-to-end encryption, which means even if someone tries hard they won’t be able to pry into your messages no matter how hard they try. Telegram app, a similar messaging app has not yet been able to introduce thorough encryption in its group messaging chats, let alone group calls. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, which itself faced with serious privacy issues over Cambridge Analytica a couple months ago. It still remains a question how far the encryption will fortify group calls and videos in the coming days.


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